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Content Marketing using the SiteSuite CMS Embed Module Content feature

by Tim Rimington | August 29, 2012

Content marketing is made a whole lot easier thanks to a SiteSuite CMS feature that allows you to import content generated from plug-in modules. With this content you can build feature-rich web pages to showcase and further promote any product, service or topic on your website. Once you see what it can do you’ll soon realise that when it comes to building incredible web pages, the sky’s the limit with your content marketing!

Each of the primary plug-in modules (except Email Newsletter Campaigns) is a means of generating web content. By using the Insert Module Content feature you can position module-generated content on any of the following page types:

  • Blog articles
  • Web pages
  • Products
  • Shop categories

The type of content that can be inserted in to the content types listed above include:

  • Blog articles
  • Image galleries
  • User polls
  • Shop products and categories
  • Email newsletter subscription fields
  • Twitter feed

So with this module-related content at hand, what can you achieve with it?

  • Place User Polls within your blog articles and product pages asking for reader feedback
  • Place blog article Post Summaries (i.e. short description of the article, with a link to the full article) on your Home page, product pages, landing pages to support the page content, etc.
  • Embed image galleries on to any blog or web page to support existing page content
  • Create special interest groups for your eNewsletters, then position subscriber fields on web pages relevant to the special interest group.
  • Landing pages for PPC ad campaigns that feature products relevant to the ad campaign
  • Encourage visitor participation with live Twitter feeds embeded on relevant product or content pages

eCommerce managers should also use the new  Shopfront page as a prime means of using the embed module content feature. You can build you own specialist shopfront if you're using the v4 SiteSuite CMS platform. Learn more via our help 'wiki' here »

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