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Ecommerce Shipping and Fulfillment management with SiteSuite and Temando

by Chris Sutton | January 28, 2013

One of the more challenging aspects of running an online store is how to manage your shipping logistics.

To help make this process easier one of of SiteSuite's major product releases in 2012 was a direct integration into the Temando freight quoting and booking system.

Why is shipping important for eCommerce?

Shipping influences everything – loyalty, abandonment, conversions, 48% of online shoppers abandoned purchases at the checkout due to the delivery options offered. (Source: Stress Free Shopping Campaign Effectiveness Survey 2011).

Similarly, AMR Interactive E-Tailing Survey found that 68% of consumers rate choice of delivery options as an important feature of an online shopping website.

Why Use Temando?

In the past, managing shipping by shopping around for quotes, finding appropriate carriers for various destinations etc has consumed a large amount of time for online (and offline) businesses.

The good news is that Temando provides an integrated, comprehensive fulfillment solution for online retailers, and you will directly benefit from the bulk buying power they are able to bring to the table.

Through the Temando platform, online retailers, both large and small, can access an enterprise-level, fully-scalable system.

Temando has developed and deployed an industry leading online fulfillment platform. They partner with over 200 carriers to provide you with a platform to get the best quotes from multiple carriers or couriers and enable you to easily compare rates.

You will benefit from the best shipping rates available as well as simple booking, tracking, shipping document production, insurance of goods-in-transit and participation in carbon offset programs.

Smart locker collection points

In another exciting development in 2013, Temando, partnering with TZ Limited, will introduce smart locker collection points.

Called Automated Delivery Asset Manager (ADAM), the electronic locker system gives shoppers that ability to collect online purchases at a convenient time and location, eliminating the heartache caused by missing a delivery due to not being home during normal working hours.

The Temando System is now available in SiteSuite at no additional charge!

Quickly and easily obtain quotes for your shipments and book couriers, right in your SiteSuite CMS. Once you’ve selected your chosen carrier, Temando will automatically book the pick-up. From here, you can download a picking slip and consignment note to print and stick on your package/s.

To find out more about how ecommerce website design specialists SiteSuite and Temando fulfilment can streamline your shipping processes and reduce your shipping costs, call us on (02) 8904 7500

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