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Social Media Time Considerations and Repercussions

by Tim Rimington | July 25, 2012

A modern business in an online world needs to manage assets across a wide range of channels including the company website, social media, blogging, email campaigns and general website upkeep (order management, inventory control, SEO, etc.).

Someone within your organisation will need to take on the responsibility of engaging customers online, responding to user comments and complaints, sending email campaigns, etc.

What repercussions are there for ignoring social channels advertised on my website?

Often clients will either agree to, or request, the placement of social media icons on their website (e.g. Twitter and Facebook) during their website design brief meeting. So what possible repercussions are there if you advertise social media links on your website but don’t engage in any related activity?

We’ll use the analogy of an organisation who advertises their phone number on their website. The owner is busy so decides to place an answering machine on the phone line to intercept incoming calls. In this case the calls are rarely screened, causing each caller to eventually lose hope that anyone will return their call. Those most keen will repeat the exercise but they, too, eventually give up and look to a competitor.

Advertising social media links on your website demonstrates an expectation by you that customers will take time to post comments, questions or feedback.

If you’re not prepared to acknowledge the comments that people take time to post, what message does that send to customers or prospects? Would you do business with someone that ignored you?

How many hours each week should I invest in social media and online advertising?

We’ve presented a breakdown of the most common tasks and the number of hours to maintain each ‘asset’ over a 5-day working week. Because the time varies for managing an online shop (e.g. the numb er of customer orders processed each day), this component is not included; special website landing page setup time has been factored into the AdWords component.

Of course the size of your organisation and the amount of traffic you attract will ultimately dictate the time required to manage everything. But many SMEs will need to factor in to their daily responsibilities, something close to the following estimates:

  • Weekly Blog: 45mins
  • Twitter: 90mins
  • Facebook: 75mins
  • Email Newsletters: 40mins
  • AdWords: 50mins
  • Analytics: 50mins
  • Online Forums: 30mins

Maintaining a Twitter and Facebook presence will only require between 5-30 minutes each day depending on the level of involvement you put in.

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