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On this page we share some free secrets of the trade to help our clients understand and perform better online.

Welcome to our tools & tips page, this is a page to help our customers be more successful online. There are a range of tools here to help you, we’ve done the hard work to ensure you get the best and cleanest tools to use. We trust you will find something useful !

Website Health Check – this is a great comprehensive audit of your current website delivered in a pdf report format. If you need any help interpreting the results please ask.



Domain Name Whois Details – forgotten who you registered your domain name with, and which contact email addresses are being used. This is one of the most comprehensive tools out there amongst a raft of options.

Does your website meet Google's rich results test - Apart from helping with your Google site authority, this makes you eligible for a free listing in the "People also ask" section on page 1 of a Google search.

Email productivity tip - A lot of us tend to get bombarded with many emails each and every day. One way to help you see the wood for the trees is to create a secondary inbox for all email not addressed to you directly. Ergo forwards, cc's, etc. This allows you to focus on the emails requesting your direct attention first.

Cut and paste options in Windows - many people know about the Ctrl C and Ctrl V shortcuts for cutting and pasting. But less well known is using the windows button and V, this gives you the option of chosing from the the last 20 or so items you cut to paste.

In terms of browsers, Mozilla has one of the most elegant "cut and paste" tools without having to install a widget, simply right click when you're on the page.

Iphone and Ipad navigation - do you get frustrated trying to get the cusor in the exact spot to edit a message. Simply hold down the space bar like a mouse and move it to the exact spot you want.

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