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On this page we share some FREE secrets of the trade to help our clients understand and perform better online.

Welcome to our toolbox page, this is a page to help our customers and prospective clients be more successful online. There are a range of tools here to help you, we’ve done the hard work to ensure you get the best and cleanest tools to use. (ergo no newsletter sign up BS to access them) We trust you will find something useful !

Website Health Check – this is a great comprehensive audit of your current website delivered in a pdf report format. If you need any help interpreting the results please ask.



Keyword and Competitor Review – we subscribe to SemRush which is a great keyword and competitor analysis tool. For individual websites you can learn a lot from playing with their free reports. For example if you want to know what keywords your most successful online competitor is using simply type in their URL.

Or simply type in a keyword and have it analysed including monthly volume, it will also display similar keywords. (Tip: please make sure you use the AU database for Australia).

Tech Fine Print – Ignore if you like - How Semrush works is that they have a huge crawled database that records thousands and thousands of keywords and the website rankings for those keywords. This huge database then allows them to INFER individual site traffic based on the keywords used and that keyword ranking for the website. In round numbers it’s maybe 80% accurate in relation to traffic, but it’s still an extremely powerful tool.

Mobile Friendly – if you’re not sure whether your site meets Googles mobile friendly benchmark this tool will tell you yes or no.

Wordpress Plug in’s – can’t remember what plug in’s you have on your Wordpress site, or want to have a sneak look at your competitors Wordpress site, this simple site checker from Earthpeople in Sweden checks a site for the top 50 Wordpress plugins.

Technical Overload – if you want a comprehensive technical footprint of a website, simply type in a URL at We carry a paid subscription to this service, if any of the information you are after is blocked let us know and we’ll source it for you.

Domain Name Details – forgotten who you registered your domain name with, and which contact email addresses are being used. Why not go to the source, the AUDA and check.

Not sure if you really need a SSL Certificate – this is what your clients see if don't have an SSL certificate on your website.

To learn more, check out this comprehensive blog from one of our system administrators.

Keeping up with online changes - if you would like to keep up with developments and changes in the online space, you are more than welcome to sign up to our newsletter.



If you would like us to help you with any of these tools, please send an email to