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Using 'Blogs' to create attention-grabbing websites

Grab your website vistors' attention and keep them coming back! Having interesting, frequently updated website content not only increases the likelihood that your site will be found via search engines, but it also gives people a reason to return to your site in the future.

Think of your website as being a magazine, rather than a novel. It needs to include fresh information. One of the easiest ways of adding new content to your site is to use SiteSuite's News Article module. The News Article (blog) module creates a database of topical interest articles on your website. A summary of these articles can appear on any page of your website, usually on the home page.

Adding a news article (blog) is as easy as filling in a form (with some creative writing on your part!). There are distinct elements to each article or blog:

The Headline

The headline should be succinct and attract the visitor’s attention. It does not need to be grammatically correct; think of the average newspaper: “Police Shoot Man With Knife”. If you think about it for too long it doesn’t make much sense but it does get your attention.

The Teaser

This is a short introduction that should provide a bit more information about the article. Again, it should be short and concise, but it allows you to elaborate on the headline. Make it snappy and encourage the reader to go to the full article.

The Full Article

Each article looks like a normal content page. Here you can add text, images and hyperlinks. All of the normal content rules apply: important information goes at the top; do not exceed two screens of information unless you really need to and check for spelling and grammatical errors.

Using the News Manger, you can set the duration of all news articles. Once the time period has expired, articles will move from ‘Current News’ to ‘Archived News’. At the bottom of every news article there is a link to the archive. Visitors can search through the archive for every article ever entered into your News Manager.

Using this simple plug-in, you can quickly and easily update your website, adding interest and encouraging visitors to return to your site.