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Learn how to use your SiteSuite CMS by attending a group training session

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How to Book Your Training Session

Please call our Reception Desk on (02) 8904 7500 to book a place in one of our group training sessions. These are mixed group training sessions for a maximum of five people per session. That is, SiteSuite clients from a variety of businesses may attend the same session. The receptionist will check the schedule to book you into the right kind of session (Content Management, E-commerce, or Newsletter). The receptionist will check how many places are left in that session before making the booking.

If you're booking a session as a 'refresher', please let our receptionist know how old your website is so that we can ascertain which version of our CMS you're currently using.

Training is held at our Broadway office (see How to Find Us). For clients outside Sydney, training is conducted over the phone.



If you can't make the session or need to reschedule, please give 48 hours' notice by contacting our Reception Desk on (02) 8904 7500 or by e-mailing


What the Training Will Cover

  • Accessing the website tools
  • Logging in to your site
  • Parts of your website
  • Editing Pages
  • Copying and pasting from MS Word
  • Using heading and paragraph styles
  • Creating links to pages and other sites
  • Creating links to files
  • Inserting images
  • Uploading images and files
  • Managing Pages & Publishing
  • Adding, moving and deleting pages
  • Publishing your changes
  • Refreshing your web browser
  • Your Online Shop (Online Stores Only)
  • Adding and editing product categories
  • Adding and editing products
  • Viewing, managing and printing orders
  • Editing the store preferences
  • Additional (if time permits)
  • Email Accounts
  • Creating e-mail addresses
  • Resetting passwords
  • Creating auto replies and auto forwards
  • Site Statistics
  • Accessing your site statistics

Email Newsletter Campaign Tools Training

  • Accessing the Newsletter Manager
  • Creating default settings
  • Creating a newsletter
  • Viewing newsletters
  • Copying newsletters
  • Viewing subscriber lists
  • Creating and editing lists
  • Viewing subscribers
  • Manually adding a subscriber
  • Unsubscribing a user
  • Allocating a subscriber to another list
  • Viewing statistical reports
  • Purchasing newsletter credits
  • Viewing online help

Custom Build Features Training

If your website incorporates custom build features unique to your website, your designer will cover these in a one-on-one phone or email support session.


How to Find Us

An Important Tip For Finding Our Office

We are located on Level 1, Suite 102 of number 275 Alfred Street North. Our office can only be accessed via a lift in the foyer. Once you exit the lift, we are on the left side.

Suite 102, Level 1, 275 Alfred Street North, North Sydney NSW 2060.

If you are travelling by car, please note that you will need to find available street parking, although there are ample secure cark parks close by.

Public Transport
If you are travelling by train, please note that the nearest station is North Sydney