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Why choose SiteSuite for your online store?

You need your ecommerce website to provide a great user experience (UX) to convert your browsers to buyers. You need an easy to manage system that doesn't require you to be a technical expert, and most importantly you need a reliable and fast website that guides your customers to where they want to go quickly. 

A professional, easy to use and well maintained e commerce website is the main key to creating a successful online business.

Whether you're a passionate start up business or are well established, we can provide you with the best cost/value solution, and then build on this base with with some targeted online marketing to help grow your business. We currently build ecommerce websites using Woocommerce (Wordpress) or our own SiteSuite CMS.

SiteSuite is one of the pioneers of ecommerce in Australia, and with over 19 years of experience we know how to design and build a stunning online ecommerce website for your business.

Whether your sales are $1k per month or $1m per month, our robust and reliable ecommerce solutions will help you sell your products online and grow your business successfully.

Some of our recent work includes:

Fresh Soul - a Woocommerce build with a fully featured online store to compliment their bricks and mortar stores.

Woman Want Adventure - a very successful start up that incorporates a customised event booking module using the SiteSuite CMS.

Lotus Doors - a custom web design, and a highly customised ecommerce site built in the SiteSuite CMS.