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Our clients tell us we streamline their business, increase productivity, and generate more profit.

How we work with clients, is typically a three step process.

1. For clients with an existing online presence we first do a site audit, to determine how well their existing site is working, and where any gaps exist.

2. We then do a competitor analysis, to gauge the success of others in the same field. We find this helps clients to assess the potential ROI of investing in a site upgrade and marketing plan to outperform their competition.

3. From this we set out a growth strategy to improve brand presence, customer experience (UX) on the site, number of conversations with potential clients, and of course sales.

The ROI can be compelling, we had a recent ecommerce client that had a 50% increase in sales quarter on quarter after we completed a new UX focussed redesign for them. This easily paid for the upgrade many times over.

From the CEO, Grant Goodger


What our clients say about us

Russell Crowe "The Art of Divorce" Auction

Thank you for your support throughout our Russell Crowe "The Art of Divorce" auction.

The sale could not have succeeded without the support of our suppliers, so thank you for standing by us and helping us through it. Your attention in maintaining our website's activity including security, and delivering work-arounds in live time was greatly appreciated.

With worldwide bidding the sale realised over $3.7 million including buyer's premium on the night, with post-sale interest forecast to achieve in excess of $4 million.

John Keats
Senior Executive Officer
Sotheby's Australia

Testimonial Quote The website that we have created with SiteSuite has been immensely successful in many ways. Most importantly in portraying the mood and experience of Sepia!

Martin Benn

Martin Benn
Chef @sepiarestaurant

Testimonial Quote We feel that the staff at SiteSuite are an extended part of the Pink Frosting team. The lack of down-time, access to help 24-7 and excellent service don't hurt either!

Kathryn Porritt

Kathryn Porritt
Director @pinkfrostingOZ

Testimonial Quote It has been an absolute delight to work with each and every person we have come in contact with at SiteSuite and we are so delighted with our end product. The time, energy and effort put into our project has been exceptional.


Amy Greetham
Marketing Manager @intimo