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Your Online Store and the importance of "keeping up appearances"

by Tim Rimington | October 26, 2010


As a web design business we receive a steady flow of enquiries from proprietors wanting to upgrade their existing online store so that they provide online shoppers with a modern shopping experience, to name just one of many reasons for upgrading.

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6 Essential Ecommerce Guidelines

by Chris Sutton | August 11, 2010


I’ve noted in other blogs that e-commerce is fast becoming the norm for small to medium businesses. Given the upsurge in interest regarding e-commerce, the following are 6 Essential Ecommerce Guidelines to guide you when planning and running an effective online store.

We’ve certainly seen a big increase in interest in the small to medium business sector, and across all sorts on industries. As a consequence we’ve been busily developing new functionality in our ecommerce tools and our next major product release will feature many new features and vastly improved standard store layouts.

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Dynamic Product Demonstrations Using Video Marketing

by Tim Rimington | May 5, 2010


When promoting your product or service, the written word should evoke emotion in your audience. Photos should be the support to those words, filling in the gaps that words can't always cover. Video, on the other hand, takes care of all of that and more. When used effectively, video can be a powerful medium to supplement existing product information especially for online buyers who aren't able to hold a product in their hands, rotate it, and get a "feel" for the product.

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Retail Principles: Traditional Bricks and Mortar Vs Online Stores

by Tim Rimington | April 23, 2010


What is it that your customers are greeted by when they enter your online store (usually your website's home page)? Are they presented with something fresh and inviting or are they staring at the "same old, same old" they saw during their last visit? We're visual creatures and we judge by appearance.

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