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The cost of being ordinary, the real cost of a bad website?

by | November 21, 2017


Realising the cost of your online presence.

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Don’t let your competitors win – it’s time to go mobile responsive!

by Chris Sutton | August 18, 2014


Internet access from mobile devices is constantly increasing in Australia and in many other markets. Almost 69% consumers of the age group 25 to 34 go online with their mobile phones or tablets to send emails, connect with friends or shop online. That's a lot of people who are transferring their shopping experience from their desktop PCs to their iPhones, Android phones or iPads or other tablets. Are you ready for your mobile customers?

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Blogging with Intent – Tips on keeping readers coming back to your blog

by Chris Sutton | July 14, 2013
Blogging with Intent – Tips on keeping readers coming back to your blog

You’ll often find commentary about how important blog titles are, and that’s very true for attracting readers to your blog in the first place. But what if you start reading and realise that there’s no point to the post?

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How to develop topics for your website or ecommerce blog

by Chris Sutton | June 11, 2013


If I had to pick the topic that sends website or ecommerce site owners screaming from the building, it would be a close call between SEO or Blogging, but I think blogging would win.

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That's not my job: 10 Ways to Get into a Blogging Mindset and Stay There

by Tim Rimington | August 24, 2011


Getting into a blogging mindspace is a tall order if you've never writen a blog before. This is especially true if you're not a wordsmith. Today's article is more a justification of WHY you should blog, and a few rather large-ish steps on getting - and staying - there.

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How to create an online community using blogs and comments

by Tim Rimington | May 19, 2011


Creating a sense of community on your web site or online store should be a high priority. But sometimes you need to give customers a little more than just “great products”; you need to give them other reasons to return.

People like to feel “part of”, part of a group, part of a community where they can share common interests with other members of the “community”. So how do you create a community in an online world?

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Guidelines for effective business blogging

by Chris Sutton | August 6, 2010


We’ve had a lot of our customers take up our recent offer to add a free blogging module to their websites and it’s been great to see new blogs appearing. As a consequence I’ve been asked for some guidelines on how to write a business blog, how frequent they should be etc, so I’ve assembled a few simple guidelines for effective business blogging below.

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Google Wave, Information Overload and the seduction of technology

by Chris Sutton | May 26, 2010
Google Wave, Information Overload and the seduction of technology

As I might have mentioned a few times recently, I’m freshly back from a couple of weeks on the beach on the Sunshine Coast. As most people do in business these days, I continued to keep in touch with the business by phone and e-mail (curious thing about that, far from stopping me relaxing, I found it was good to check mail once a day and then switch off, it actually reduced stress by having the tools to stay in touch with the business should the need arise). Starting from that theme, in today's blog I want to talk about Google Wave, Information Overload and the seduction of technology.

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