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Google Maps Free Advertising

by Bryan Roberts | November 17, 2017
Google Maps Free Advertising

Google has recently opened up some space for posts on Google Maps.

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Time is running out – Google sets a deadline

by Chris Sutton | March 5, 2015
Time is running out – Google sets a deadline

What would happen to your business if you suddenly lost half of your potential customers?

This is exactly what might happen in April when Google releases an update focused on mobile friendly websites.

From the blog:

"This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices."

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Google Wants To Shoot Your Business

by Grant Goodger | January 28, 2015
Google Wants To Shoot Your Business

Over the last 12 to 18 months there have been numerous changes in the online marketing landscape. The majority of this change has been driven by Google as it endeavours to clean up a number of "fringe" SEO techniques that have been used to unfairly promote the search rankings of some businesses over others.

So what does this mean?

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Don’t let your competitors win – it’s time to go mobile responsive!

by Chris Sutton | August 18, 2014


Internet access from mobile devices is constantly increasing in Australia and in many other markets. Almost 69% consumers of the age group 25 to 34 go online with their mobile phones or tablets to send emails, connect with friends or shop online. That's a lot of people who are transferring their shopping experience from their desktop PCs to their iPhones, Android phones or iPads or other tablets. Are you ready for your mobile customers?

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Google SEO Starter Guide

by Chris Sutton | January 12, 2014
Google SEO Starter Guide

We find that many business owners are confused about where to start with optimising their websites, and not only are there a raft of online marketing activities that play a part in ensuring a website ranks well, there’s also plenty of conflicting advice going around.

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Top Secret SEO Tips, aka “Waiter there’s a Hummingbird in my search”

by Chris Sutton | October 8, 2013
Top Secret SEO Tips, aka “Waiter there’s a Hummingbird in my search”

Last week, the Google Hummingbird update was announced, and rather than just a normal algorithm update, this is a complete rewrite of the core ranking engine. The update heralds a fundamental change in online search that will impact on search for years to come; find out what you need to know about this update and how it might affect you.

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A beginners guide to website search engine optimisation

by Chris Sutton | June 30, 2013


“SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website or web page in a search engine’s unpaid or ‘organic’ search results”

A beginners guide to SEO.

Search engine optimisation is a topic that is a mystery to many small business website owners and, given its reputation as a “dark art”, one that many choose not to engage with.

However, I read a very good analogy on another website recently, if you build a great website and then don’t bother to get it ranked on search engines, it’s a bit like having a beautiful brochure designed and printed, and then just locking them away in a cupboard!

The content of this blog have been drawn from one of our eBooks on SEO, and while I’ll publish the book in sections on the blog, I’ll link to it at the end of the blog if you’d like to download the whole eBook.

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Google releases Penguin 4 update targeting link spam

by Chris Sutton | May 23, 2013


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an ever evolving discipline and Google regularly updates its search alogrithm to provide the most relevant and useful search results. As a consequence we, along with other SEO specialists, are constantly researching and reviewing changes in the SEO landscape to provide the best possible outcome for our clients.

Today Google confirmed that Penguin 4, with the new Penguin 2.0 algorithm, is now being rolled out.

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How Search Works - website optimisation resource from Google

by Chris Sutton | March 6, 2013


Google website ranking and search engine optimisation are often seen as mysterious crafts that are impenetrable to all but the geekiest amongst us. However, I came across a resource from Google recently called “How Search Works” that explains in very easy to understand terms many of the important considerations in ensuring your website ranks well.

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What SEO Opportunities is Your Website Missing Out On?

by Tim Rimington | October 24, 2012


Although inspired by Apple's keynote delivery yesterday, this article is all about lost SEO opportunities and how you can rectify your website and store with ease.

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Why meta descriptions are important

by Chris Sutton | January 29, 2012


Last week we talked about using your product descriptions as a selling tool. One thing that is often overlooked though is the role that the snippets presented in the search results have in getting customers to your site. If the text that you use for your descriptions doesn’t grab the customers’ attention, they will immediately move to the next result and they might never get to see what you have to offer on your site.

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Is there an easier softer way to approach SEO?

by Tim Rimington | December 22, 2011


A client asked me this week if there was an easier, softer way of optimising their online store without having to go through the time and expense of a “full blown” SEO campaign. The answer depends on who you speak to, I guess. But if you step outside the comprehensive umbrella that encapsulates SEO, there may well be an “easier, softer way” to approach website optimisation.

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A look at how the Google Panda algorithm is affecting web sites and e-commerce stores

by Tim Rimington | July 5, 2011


4 months in, let’s take a look at how Google "Panda" is penalising sites that feature scraped and duplicate content. Contrary to Panda’s announcement earlier this year and the publicity surrounding it, I still see long-established web sites that have chosen to ignore Panda; I guess some businesses see Panda as hyperbole. Well, hyperbole it isn’t, and the sites I view are slipping in search results. But it needn’t happen.

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Keyword research is more than just SEO work, it’s market research

by Tim Rimington | April 18, 2011


Even if you feel you don’t have a broad understanding of SEO keyword research, most people can say that they’re at least familiar with the term ‘keyword’. However, it’s the use of keywords on a web site and how to choose keywords that many people still don’t understand.

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How do I make my site more SEO effective?

by Chris Sutton | March 22, 2011


In my last blog we looked at the question of which was more important, web design or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)? and in this blog we start to discuss the question: How do I make my site more SEO effective?  In my last blog I also touched on the need for planning and for your involvement as a site owner in both the design and Search Engine Optimisation process. I've had a couple of questions about that so today we'll expand a little on the need for planning for SEO when building or redeveloping a website.

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