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Nuggets - not always earth shattering but worth a read

by Grant Goodger | May 13, 2021
Nuggets - not always earth shattering but worth a read

On a regular basis we get bits of information that aren't really earth shattering enough to send out as a complete newsletter, however they are interesting.

Accordingly I've decided to put together a regular newsletter that contains a few interesting segments.

This also means if you have something you think may be of interest, have a chat and we'll consider including it.

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How to Use Google Posts for your Business

by Div Pillai | July 17, 2019
How to Use Google Posts for your Business

Google has recently opened up some space for posts on Google Maps.

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The Beauty of Images

by Grant Goodger | July 16, 2019
The Beauty of Images

Over the years we have banged on a bit about how important great images are to a website.

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Why Websites Now Need SSL for SEO

by Div Pillai | June 5, 2019
Why Websites Now Need SSL for SEO

For obvious reasons, one of the major global trends at the moment is tightening online security.

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Does your online shop enjoy the Apple store community spirit?

by Tim Rimington | February 10, 2012


Apple. An amazing brand that has captured people's imagination the world over. Their products (love 'em or hate 'em) have revolutionised the way we work, play and do business. At the airport this week I noticed more Apple iPads being used than people reading magazines!

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Who's got the look: does your online shop exude credibility?

by Tim Rimington | February 7, 2012


Although reported stories of consumers being ripped off online appear to be falling, it's fair to say that online shoppers are still wary of who they deal with especially if they're visiting an online shop for the first time. So what type of things do online shoppers look for in a website, and what drives them away?

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eCommerce product landing pages and why they should play a key role in promoting your online shop

by Tim Rimington | January 18, 2012


A product landing page is your opportunity to showcase your favourite or best selling products to a wider audience. These specialist pages are opportunities to spread your creative wings a little and provide information that would otherwise crowd the product’s actual shop page with too much information.

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The importance of eCommerce product descriptions

by Chris Sutton | January 17, 2012


Many businesses developing their first ecommerce website seriously underestimate the amount of time required to properly develop the site. In actual fact, the technical side of things is quite straightforward, and it’s the creation of high quality images and writing of good product descriptions that really takes the time.

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14 Ways to maximise the opportunities being presented by the growth of e-commerce

by Tim Rimington | January 16, 2012


There's so much more to opening your first online shop than simply uploading a bunch of great products and images. If you're starting out for the first time, this article may save you some heartache and ensure that you hit the ground running!

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Negative reviews help conversions

by Chris Sutton | January 12, 2012


Product reviews, whether on an ecommerce site or in social media, are proving to be an effective online sales tool. Peer reviews seem to have far greater credibility than normal reviews such as those found in industry magazines, manufacturers websites etc.

However, while many ecommerce store owners are afraid of enabling comments on blogs or enabling customer product reviews for fear of negative comments,

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Product photography in online stores

by Chris Sutton | January 10, 2012


It never fails to amaze me how often online stores use poor quality photographs for their products. When you buy online, unless it’s a well known product, instead of your customers being able to pick up or inspect the actual product closely, you are relying on the photographs and descriptions that you write to actually make the sale. So it doesn’t make any sense to use poor photographs and descriptive text that doesn’t describe the product fully for a prospective customer and include product benefits.

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Change your online store and change it often, your customers will almost certainly reward you for it

by Tim Rimington | June 9, 2011


Anyone who’s stomped their way through an Asian market knows that once you’ve walked through one, the walk through the next is much the same. Market stalls begin to blur into the next and you start seeing the same mobile phone covers, the same cushion covers or the same jade statues as sold on every other stall. “Getting noticed” is the key to success. As they say in SE Asia, “Same, same but different”!

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Your Online Store and the importance of "keeping up appearances"

by Tim Rimington | October 26, 2010


As a web design business we receive a steady flow of enquiries from proprietors wanting to upgrade their existing online store so that they provide online shoppers with a modern shopping experience, to name just one of many reasons for upgrading.

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6 Essential Ecommerce Guidelines

by Chris Sutton | August 11, 2010


I’ve noted in other blogs that e-commerce is fast becoming the norm for small to medium businesses. Given the upsurge in interest regarding e-commerce, the following are 6 Essential Ecommerce Guidelines to guide you when planning and running an effective online store.

We’ve certainly seen a big increase in interest in the small to medium business sector, and across all sorts on industries. As a consequence we’ve been busily developing new functionality in our ecommerce tools and our next major product release will feature many new features and vastly improved standard store layouts.

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Dynamic Product Demonstrations Using Video Marketing

by Tim Rimington | May 5, 2010


When promoting your product or service, the written word should evoke emotion in your audience. Photos should be the support to those words, filling in the gaps that words can't always cover. Video, on the other hand, takes care of all of that and more. When used effectively, video can be a powerful medium to supplement existing product information especially for online buyers who aren't able to hold a product in their hands, rotate it, and get a "feel" for the product.

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