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How to Use Google Posts for your Business

by Div Pillai | July 17, 2019
How to Use Google Posts for your Business

Google has recently opened up some space for posts on Google Maps.

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Email Server Change

by SiteSuite | May 12, 2016


We've decided to progressively move our services over to locally based Amazon Web Services (AWS) over the coming three months.

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The benefits of Web Apps for marketing

by Chris Sutton | September 22, 2015


In our last couple of SiteSuite newsletters we’ve been talking about the versatility of web apps (web applications) for any business. With the advances in technology in the last couple of years, these apps can now provide an enriched and interactive environment that can be used on any modern smartphone. Not only can they be used effectively for productivity gains but are powerful marketing tools as well, providing business opportunities not possible in the past.

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Web Apps for improved productivity and cost savings

by Chris Sutton | August 3, 2015
Web Apps for improved productivity and cost savings

When we think about web apps, we often just think about them as online sales and marketing tools, but they are much more than that. Web apps can be effective business tools that can provide significant gains in productivity and cost savings.

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Google Wants To Shoot Your Business

by Grant Goodger | January 28, 2015
Google Wants To Shoot Your Business

Over the last 12 to 18 months there have been numerous changes in the online marketing landscape. The majority of this change has been driven by Google as it endeavours to clean up a number of "fringe" SEO techniques that have been used to unfairly promote the search rankings of some businesses over others.

So what does this mean?

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How to install Google Analytics on your SiteSuite website or online store

by Tim Rimington | May 16, 2012


Create a Google Analytics account in 4 steps, and learn why Analytics is so important to the ongoing maintenance of your website. Google Analytics is as comprehensive a tool as most small business owners could want.

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SiteSuite announced as Finalists in the City of Sydney Business Awards for 2011!

by Tim Rimington | July 29, 2011


SiteSuite have reached the finalists list in this year's City of Sydney Business Awards. Of the 640 nominated businesses, only 175 made the list from a total 67,000 votes! Thank you to every one who voted for us!

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