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A Complete Guide to Google Pages

by Chris Sutton | October 7, 2014
A Complete Guide to Google Pages

Whether your business serves your local community or your customers are come from around the country or the world, we all know that Google Plus Business Pages are important.

It can be a slightly daunting prospect to set up your Google pages, so today we're sharing an excellent instructional video from Plus Your Business.

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What is Google Plus and why should I join another social platform?

by Chris Sutton | August 11, 2013
What is Google Plus and why should I join another social platform?

We’ve all seen the gradual change within Google towards better quality content being a key search factor, along with the growing influence of social media on search, but to put it bluntly, Google Plus has the potential to permanently change the search landscape.

If you and your business aren't actively engaged on Google Plus, you are placing your business at risk!

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Qualify your Twitter followers and build an audience of quality followers

by Tim Rimington | March 28, 2013


For many small businesses, social media is not the place for in-your-face sales pitches, rather, it’s the place where companies build their brand and connect with a new audience. Drop the notion that Twitter, Facebook et-al are going to open the floodgates to direct sales (or leads), and you’re likely to get a lot more from those channels.

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Social Media Time Considerations and Repercussions

by Tim Rimington | July 25, 2012


Finding time for social media/networking engagement and activity is a common issue among SMEs. How many hours each week are required to maintain an effective presence? What are the repurcussions of ignoring the company Facebook page and Twitter comments?

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Social media for business

by Chris Sutton | May 9, 2012


At SiteSuite we host regular coffee mornings where various presenters will discuss a particular topic relating to the web and online business. Our latest seminar, which focussed on the use of Social Media in Business, was held this week.

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Is an Avoidance of Social Media a Common Fear?

by Tim Rimington | April 3, 2012


Understandably, I still get a high degree of indifference from some clients whenever I mention the likes of Twitter or Facebook (with Twitter taking the cake). If you don't understand something, sometimes it's a natural reaction to shy away from a subject or dismiss it entirely as "irrelevant" or "stupid". I believe that most of that indifference is fear-based.

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Newcomers to Twitter: 10 Steps to Assessing Whether Twitter is Suitable for Your Business

by Tim Rimington | April 3, 2012


If you're itching to learn about Twitter or to perhaps assess the viability of Twitter for your small business, then this article is for you. What I will show you is how to become an everyday Twitter user, and how to actually enjoy your time using it. Here's what you need to do:

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What Can Social Media & Facebook Do For Your Products?

by Tim Rimington | April 3, 2012


A report published this week suggested that you forget search engines or manufacturer's websites as ways to drive traffic to your online shop or website. Instead, it suggests, consumers of today are researching products in new ways, albeit with an old-fashioned twist: they're asking their friends first.

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Asking Your Audience to ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ You Without Question Completely Misses The Point

by Tim Rimington | January 9, 2012


Am I the only retail shopper who's grown tired of retailers asking me to 'Like' or 'Follow' them without reason, reward or incentive? Are you an online retailer who's social marketing "request" is ignored on the basis that "everyone else is doing it too"? Your customers and passers-by need a reason to stop what they're doing, log in to their account to 'Like' or 'Follow' you.

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Introducing Your Business to Twitter: Where to Start and Ways to Build Like-Minded Followers

by Tim Rimington | January 8, 2012


I approached Twitter with a degree of cynicism and a heavy dose of "fear of the unknown". It took me months until I started to enjoy my "Twitter time", but I had little idea of the fun of engagement that lie ahead - and I quickly learned that getting established on Twitter wasn't as painful as some people say. It was a whole lot of fun so long as I followed a simple, well-trodden path...

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How to be Liked

by David Baxter | September 1, 2010


In her acceptance speech for the Best Actress Oscar in 1984, Sally Field famously said “You like me, right now, you like me!”. We want to be liked, it’s nice to be liked but, until now, there hasn’t been a way to quantify all that liked-ness.

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How to be a Star

by David Baxter | August 27, 2010


In my last article I talked about the differences between Social Media and Traditional Media and the importance of choosing the way you communicate through these channels. I’m going to continue in that vain with an example of how it’s done.

Just over three years ago Jasmine Star dropped out of Law School to become a Wedding Photographer. Although a keen photographer, she had no real professional experience, but had just been married herself and loved the idea of working on the other side of her wedding photographer’s lens.

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Social media - the new way to make friends and influence people

by David Baxter | August 26, 2010


It is just a few short years ago that the term ‘Social Media’ was confined to sociology labs and textbooks. Today, of course, Social Media is something that pervades just about every part of our lives, from family and relationships through to shopping and the way we get our news. People interact in the social media cloud hundreds of times a day. Some even prefer to communicate via social media than in a more conventional way, i.e. talking, and there's no doubt that social media is the new way to make friends and influence people.

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Twitter and the power of social media

by Chris Sutton | August 12, 2010


The following is an extract from a report on the power of social media. If you've dismissed the commercial importance of twitter and the power of social media up 'till now, this report just might be what changes your mind forever!

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