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Did you build your website for your users?

by Chris Sutton | January 26, 2012


On the surface, the question “Did you build your website for your users?” sounds pretty stupid, but in reality a great many websites are built with search engine optimisation in mind rather than the user experience.

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Does your website close the sale?

by Chris Sutton | January 19, 2012


That’s a question I often ask an ecommerce store owner, and surprisingly frequently, it’s clear that the site hasn’t been thought about in those terms.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the jargon of online commerce; conversion rates, cart abandonment, fulfillment systems etc etc, and of course these things are all important. The problem with focusing on the technology though is that we tend to forget the psychology of buying and selling.

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Business Brand in website design

by Chris Sutton | January 15, 2012


Almost always when we’re talking to business owners about a new website development, we ask what work has been done on branding their business, as it is extremely important to understand what messages the website style and design need to project. However, this is usually interpreted as whether the business has a logo and graphic identifier for the business.

Brand and branding are different and understanding what brand is will help with the activities that are part of branding. I found an excellent description of brand and branding by EC (Lisa) Stewart on the website “Indie Creative”.

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How do you encourage customers to review a product?

by Chris Sutton | January 14, 2012


In my previous blog I mentioned some research that showed that negative product reviews were beneficial as they added credibility and balance in the eyes of your customers.

Looking around a variety of websites though, you see many sites that have reviews enabled but few, if any, reviews. So the question is, how to you encourage customers or even site visitors to review a product?

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Tame Your Text Styles: How to keep your page content looking great

by Tim Rimington | August 29, 2011


Website Content Management Systems are a godsend. But is there a downside, an ugly face to content management that sends web designers scurrying under their desks and website customers reaching for the 'Back' button?

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Killer website text is crucial to your online sales and sales leads

by Tim Rimington | April 27, 2011


Page headings and web text colour your site and when executed effectively they jolt your readers into action. So what are your website's titles saying to your customers? Does your Home page present with a, "Welcome to our website" or a more enticing, "Australia's best floral wedding arrangements delivered FREE to your door!".

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So what constitutes a good website anyway?

by Tim Rimington | November 8, 2010


I decided to write this article for the benefit of website managers (or "webmasters") in charge of their company's online presence. In particular, webmasters who may not have a grounding in design or at least an understanding of the importance of design and web site presentation; webmasters who have an emotional attachment to their web site and who may have become "shop blind" to the possibility that their site is no longer the cutting edge presence that it once was.

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Preparing Images For Your Website

by Tim Rimington | August 19, 2010


Most web image faux pas relate to poor save quality and the format in which they're saved out, i.e. .jpg, .png, .gif, as well as inappropriate file sizes (possibly the greatest faux pas of them all).

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Do You Blog For Business?

by Tim Rimington | May 10, 2010


We're often asked about blogging and why it's so important to the week to week management of your website. SiteSuite's latest CMS tools include blogging tools to help you write and publish news articles of interest to your customers and website visitors. Here are some tips on maintaining a blog and why we believe you should do so.

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