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If you are serious about SEO, you really need to read this

by SiteSuite Website Design | February 11, 2019
If you are serious about SEO, you really need to read this

For obvious reasons, one of the major global trends at the moment is tightening online security.

The biggest change in recent years has been the widespread focus on SSL certificates and https sites. Google has strongly backed this change and your websites perceived security level has an impact on your site authority and in turn your online rankings, particularly when it comes to links on your site.

For those of us who have been online for a while, one area that has recently become more important as part of this change is non-secure legacy URL links, both internally within the site and externally to other sites, including social media links. If you still have legacy http links on your website, then you run the risk of Google downgrading your site authority, as it won’t appear totally secure when crawled.

We recently went through our site to check our link position, we have been online for over 18 years so there is a bit of a legacy data to sift through, in round numbers we have a little over 500 pages, and over 10,000 internal and external links of which 300 were http.

Unfortunately this is largely a one by one manual exercise to remedy, thankfully it’s a one off. The required steps are as follows:

  1. Use commercial grade tools to run a comprehensive link audit on the site. (note some DIY tools give incomplete results)
  2. Then sort out the http links from the https ones
  3. Create a list to resolve by page (note some links may require coding changes)
  4. Check the links and manually adjust the http links to https or where an https link upgrade isn’t possible, delete the link.
  5. Rerun the test for a double check and final QA of the site.

If you would like help to address this issue, and for those of you who focus closely on SEO performance we would strongly recommend you do, please contact us at

PS: We can also provide this service to non SiteSuite clients.

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