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What SEO Opportunities is Your Website Missing Out On?

by Tim Rimington | October 24, 2012

Although inspired by Apple's keynote delivery yesterday, this article is about lost SEO opportunities.

I sat down last night to watch Apple's keynote delivery for the announcement of their latest offerings including, of course, their much anticipated iPad Mini mobile tablet. I've seen snippets of Apple keynote addresses over the years but I've never sat down to watch one in its entirety. And, as Apple now make these presentations available for streaming via their Apple TV devices (which I own), I thought I'd sit down to view via my Apple TV in HD. Why not, right?

Your products have a specific name and title

What struck me most throughout Apple CEO Timothy Cook's presentation (and that of his supporting Apple colleagues) was that they not once referred to one of their products as a "thing" or "object", rather, they always referred to any given product by its name. Similarly, they rarely cited their company in such a way, "We've worked hard..." as opposed to, "Everyone at Apple has worked hard...", and so on.

So this morning I was thinking how polished and professional these people are that they refer to every product by its name in every instance effectively dropping product names and their company name at every opportunity. Verbal SEO!

Applying a few simple rules to your website's SEO

As I write this I'm working on tidying up some SEO items for a long-term client of SiteSuite's, HLP Controls(located in Sydney's West and in the middle of a website redesign due for release this week). As I've been writing META descriptions I've made a point of now referring to HLP Controls by their company name when I'm writing copy (rather than use words such as "Our" or "We", etc.).

I've applied this same 'technique' to their products, too. Instead of referring to, say, one of their digital voltage testers as, "This product has...", I've instead written, "This digital voltage tester has...", and so on again.

What I'm doing for HLP Controls is nothing new, it's simply good SEO practice, but listening to Apple's staff last night reminded me of how to do it meticulously.

What SEO opportunities is your website or online store losing out on by not referring to your company name and products by their true titles?

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