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How do I make my site more SEO effective?

by Chris Sutton | March 22, 2011


In my last blog we looked at the question of which was more important, web design or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)? and in this blog we start to discuss the question: How do I make my site more SEO effective?  In my last blog I also touched on the need for planning and for your involvement as a site owner in both the design and Search Engine Optimisation process. I've had a couple of questions about that so today we'll expand a little on the need for planning for SEO when building or redeveloping a website.

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What is more important - web design or SEO?

by Chris Sutton | March 17, 2011


In some ways this might seem like an odd topic for a blog but it’s a question that we get asked over and over. In the web design business, we see some horrific examples of sites created purely for SEO that are almost impossible for anyone to read, and we see the graphic design focused sites that are almost invisible to search engines. So what is more important - web design or SEO?

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Google Farmer algorithm and what it means to your Ecommerce website SEO

by Tim Rimington | March 11, 2011


Unless you’re walking the halls of SEO you probably aren’t aware of the 500 or so changes that Google makes to its search-results ranking algorithm each and every year. Some of these changes have little discernable impact on our businesses, however, Google’s most recent significant change, the so-called “Farmer” algorithm has been reported to have affected some 11.8% of Google search queries in the U.S.

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Google Caffeine - give your SEO a jolt

by Chris Sutton | June 13, 2010


Google caffeine - give your SEO a jolt! Two blogs in a row talking about Google? Nope, not on the payroll, but just coincidence as Google keeps releasing new products. In this case, it’s a brand new search algorithm commonly known as Caffeine.

In a Sydney Morning Herald article last week, Alan Eustace, Google's senior vice-president and head of all its engineers, was quoted as saying the changes are "huge", while 20 year search veteran Amit Singhal said Caffeine was much bigger than the hundreds of other changes the search giant makes to its algorithm every year.

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Top 10 SEO Tips

by Chris Sutton | April 23, 2010


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is becoming crucial to ensure that your website is easily found, so today we've provided our Top 10 SEO Tips to help you get the best search results for your website.

When you are operating a business website, especially one with an online store, it is crucial that your site can be easily found. Just as bricks and mortar retail stores always try to get the best position with the highest pedestrian count, websites need to rank well in search engines to be successful.

This is where SEO (search engine optimisation) comes into the picture. Why is SEO so important? Well, SEO is one of the keys to the success of your online business.

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