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The secret weapon to great web copy

by Paul Davenport | August 3, 2010

Today's Blog Post,  The secret weapon to great web copy, was provided courtesy of Caroline Hermann at Ideas Into Action. For more information regarding their copy writing services please view their website at or contact me directly.

You have 8 seconds. Your time starts now.

Eight seconds is how long it takes a visitor to choose to stay or click away from your site.

Copywriting ninjas have risen from the depths to ensure visitors to your site find the answers they seek and stay on the site longer. They’ll write succinct, clever, meaningful copy to connect site visitors to your business – generating genuine interest in what you have to offer.

With recent studies by Google that nearly every Aussie is online, outsourcing your website copywriting makes good business sense, and here’s why:

1. Think about your brand and market presence.
As they say in show business, you have one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one. So why would you allow first-time visitors to your site to walk away with anything less than a warm, enriching experience which tantalises all their senses? What might typos, long-winded sentences, or pushy sales writing say about your business?

Good copywriting instantly grabs your readers attention, keeps them longer on your site, more likely to come back and more likely to make contact. Web copy can speak with your voice, and match your web design and the unique, subtle flavours of your brand.

2. Reduce your cost of customer acquisition and advance in the selling cycle … without lifting a finger
Great web copy sparks excitement and intrigue, generating interest in your products and services. Anything you can to get the phone ringing will increase your ROI and customer acquisition costs. Plus customers will already have a good sense of what it’s like dealing with you. Good web copy will establish trust, build credibility and rapport without you attending one meeting or handling one objection. Visitors are able to break down their own conscious and unconscious resistance and get in touch when the timing suits them – so all you need to do is follow through and support their purchase decision.

3. Online communication is totally, completely and utterly unique
Writing for online is not the same as any other form of writing. It’s not direct advertising which comes with a free set of steak knives, and may result in a high warning on the BS-barometer of the reader. It’s not a formal, stuffy explanation which trudges through metres of paragraphs, justifying its own reason for existence. Web copy is somewhere in between – succinct and clever with cut-through and designed to generate interest. Just because you can write, it doesn’t mean your time is best spent writing. After all, you drive a car but are unlikely to harbour ambitions to be a mechanic!

The other added benefit of outsourcing web copy is that copywriters can craft content with your search engine ranking in mind. Make Search Engine Optimisation your friend and potential customers will research and find you.

4. No matter what else erupts, the web copy will still get written
Whether you are a business owner or a senior member of the team, time is something you don’t have a lot of and stress is probably something you have bucketfuls of. So you set a deadline. But you can hardly justify being late for a customer order because you were writing copy for a future website that doesn’t exist yet. Especially when hour for hour, outsourcing is extremely cost-effective … and quite honestly … what is your time worth?

Business owners are notoriously great at having fantastic ideas and notoriously challenged by following up if it isn’t an urgent priority. Set yourself up to succeed by using the The secret weapon to great web copy, outsourcing your web copy to go with your new website and your results will speak for themselves.

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