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Simply the Best - May Tax Madness

by Grant Goodger | May 25, 2022
Simply the Best - May Tax Madness

Thank you for your patience, there had to be a super corny heading sooner or later. March and May are the only chances for the Madness heading, so I thought I'd get one in for this year.

Earlier in the year I had a strong focus on the importance of marketing, UX web design is part of that natural progression.

I've also been scratching my head a little to work out the best way to take advantage of the government's current 120% tax deduction concession. Drum roll, here it is.

  • Cash neutral, pay a 30% deposit and effectively pay nothing for the 2022 tax year.
  • Then 5 monthly instalments starting on 1 July for the remaining 70% in the 2023 tax year.

How does this work, let me share an example.

  • You commit to and are invoiced for $5,000 on a full UX and SEO optimised re-design before June 30th.
  • Your cash tax benefit for the 2022 year is $1,500. ($5,000 expensed at 120%, then apply the small business tax rate of 25% for the cash benefit, ergo $5,000x1.2x.25).
  • Your payment terms on sale with us are $1,500 as a deposit before 30 June 2022 to commence work. This is the same amount as your 2022 tax cash benefit. Ergo you are cash neutral.
  • You then pay the remaining $3,500 (5,000–1,500) over 5 months starting on 1 July 2022 at $700 a month, when you are receiving the benefits of the new look and a stronger performing website incorporating the latest online trends.

As well as full custom sites, we re-design, build and tweak sites in SiteSuite, Wordpress, or Shopify CMS software.

If you would like to get started, please drop us a quick mail to, or call in on 8904 7500 and have a chat to myself or the team.

Kind regards,

Grant Goodger

PS. Our recent commentary on the Australia Post comprehensive shopping and ecommerce survey can be found here.

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