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Are you ready for the challenge? - SiteChallenge

by Chris Sutton | September 24, 2012

Are you ready for the challenge?

Just over a week to go to the start of the inaugural SiteChallengeprogramme, and we’re getting excited!

What is SiteChallenge? It’s a 12 week, completely online programme that will help you unlock the mysteries of managing a successful online business. You will have the opportunity to learn new skills, and work with like minded people to make your online activity a success.

SiteChallenge - helping you to make your online business a successMany of you already know Tracy Hek, our Training Manager. SiteChallenge is Tracy’s concept and she’ll be leading a double life from now on running the SiteChallenge programme as well as keeping up with our client training. Here’s how the programme started:

“Hi Everyone, my name is Tracy and I am the driving force behind SiteChallenge. I am SiteSuite's in house trainer and have been working with clients on their websites since 2000. The online space has changed immensely during that time and over the past couple of years there has been a real drive from our customers to produce not only beautiful, well laid out websites - but productive e-commerce websites. Websites that result in sales. As a result of this I was finding that my training sessions were delving into many topics and discussions well beyond just managing content.

With the need these days to incorporate SEO and Social Media into websites and business, plans it was clear that a major stumbling block was available time. Like most business owners, our clients are time strapped. So the purpose of the SiteChallenge programme is to provide the skills and support to you and your staff need to develop your online business, and to make the programme available online to save you time. SiteChallenge will help you develop a better performing website, that outcome is guaranteed.

In developing the programme, I’ve done the hard work for you. I have done the research, oh, so much research... then taken all that information and created short, to the point lessons - and more importantly laid out easy to complete tasks. If you complete all your tasks and follow through on the focus group aspect of the course, you will find that your online business plan will evolve and that you’ll have the skills to implement it.

I'm looking forward to having our SiteSuite customers on board, but feel free to share this with friends and acquaintances who are not SiteSuite customers as the course has been developed to help anyone trying to improve their online presence.”

To reward your loyalty you can save over $100!

We are giving all SiteSuite customers the opportunity to save over $100 when you register for the inaugural SiteChallenge programme. All participants will receive a website management certificate on completion of the course.

Register now.

If you would like to talk to Tracy about the course first, you can call her (02) 8904 7500

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