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Don't lose your domain name

by Grant Goodger | February 18, 2011

From time to time I’ll share some commercial experiences and case studies, in the hope that we’ll all be able to learn a little more, and help our businesses operate at a more effective level. Today's blog is about services and why it is important you don't lose your domain name.

Several decades ago I remember reading “Mega Trends” by John Naisbitt and coming across the concept of “High Tech, High Touch”. Where the more technology enters your life, the more there is a desire to balance this with more social activity. Arguably you could view the recent rise of social media such as Facebook, and Twitter as a response to this concept.

In its widest sense this concept could also extend to the shifting view of product and service, as improved technology appears to commoditise more and more services into products. This can lead to a tendency to view performance in the technology area around price points as a product rather than a service.

For us this is one of the biggest business challenges we can face on a regular basis, with some clients viewing websites, and their associated services as just another product rather than an integral and increasingly important part of their overall marketing structure.

If a website is integral to your business do you really want to wait 24 to 48 hours for an email response from India or the US to your website support issue? Or do you want a person you can talk to locally and whose company has a manned after hours phone service for emergencies.

Products are fine as long as they work, however when they fail or something goes wrong, that is the time when you really need service.

Recently we had one of our clients in another country lose their domain name, it expired, and someone else took it over. This company had gone through a change of ownership, it had started small many years ago, and we would guess the domain name was registered to a personal email address from one of the early founders who has long since left the business.

Domain names as products are a cheap part of an online business, however if you lose one, getting it back can be impossible, or expensive. We now have a company in Australia promoting expired domain names to SEO providers, so be warned you could lose your name quickly if it expires.

Here’s a simple test,

  • Do you know where your domain name keys are?
  • Are your email address details current for your domain?
  • Have you used a generic email address such as info@, admin@ to preclude email addresses dying when someone leaves your company?

If your domain name is with us, obviously you will get some extra insurance as we don’t give up on renewals until we get active client contact for a yes or no, it’s all part of the service.

It’s important that your website and associated services perform for your business, and build and protect the goodwill of your business. If your website is only seen as a product, have another look, and if you want some help to change what you have, talk to us. It’s what we’re here for, to give you service build on strong products, not just products alone.

So be careful, don't lose your domain name!

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