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Essential Business Books - How to Make an Impact by Jon Moon

by John Groarke | March 11, 2014
Essential Business Books - How to Make an Impact by Jon Moon

Business book reviews - 1.  How to Make an Impact by Jon Moon

We all need to write business documents, and Jon’s advice is priceless (as per that TV ad for a certain credit card).  A friend of mine who won the prize for ‘best financial plan’ in a business planning competition puts the win down to the guidance of Chapter 8 of this book!

Besides the book, there are about 60 free and very useful downloads on the website.  You would be missing out by not downloading these.  And finally there’s a useful and entertaining monthly newsletter by email.  This isn’t currently accessible from the website … so you will need to subscribe.

Very simply Jon’s approach is all about putting Words into Tables [WiT] and abolishing the dreaded bullet point!  When you see this in practice, you will experience one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments.  And with the bullet point out of the way, Jon turns his attention to charts and graphs.  He also has a lot to say about useless and misleading infographics in the newsletter.

It took me less than a minute to decide to buy the book when I found it in a book store!  It should be on everyone’s desk or in everyone’s electronic book reading device … as both forms are available.

I can’t say any more … which is why it sits at #01 in this series of Essential Business Books.  But please feel free to contact me for some real-life examples of ‘clarity and impact’.

Image is from the Jon Moon website, and photographed by Mark (


John Groarke has been a management consultant for 32 years working for global and local firms in senior client-facing and back-office roles.

Currently, he is the Principal of a consulting firm that works with services and services-led enterprises to develop sustainable and profitable enterprises. His whole approach is a mentor-based one and clients include; consultants, professional advisors and services-oriented small businesses.

John provides business mentoring services to SME clients of the Australian Government's Enterprise Connect initiative. And he runs workshops on consulting / professional advisory and small business topics for some NSW Business Enterprise Centres.

In 2005, he decided to pursue a 'giving back' strategy and John's 'pro-bono dance card' includes; NSW Enterprise Workshop, Women in Film and Television NSW, and the Small Business Mentoring Service. John is a long-term supporter of the NSW Government's small business initiatives – previously Small Business September and MicroBiz Week – and now Small Biz Connect.

John knows that I can make a positive and valuable difference to service-oriented businesses. He can be found via

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