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Managing your website with SiteSuite just got easier

by Chris Sutton | June 6, 2013

SiteSuite's latest release this afternoon includes many changes to improve the ease of use and flexibility of website management using SiteSuite CMS. This update includes:

  • Configurable volume discounts are now available, just set your volume and price levels on a product by product basis.
  • Images have been added to the product summary page
  • View Online" is an option on all elements of a site.
  • The cross sell function has been updated, with a category drop down selector and then a product drop down selector. This drop down selector now allows you to start typing a category or product name and the list in the dropdown is filtered according to the text you type so managing cross sell products in large catalogues is much easier.
  • We have added a new Add/Edit page that has been combined with the Move/Delete page. On this new page there is now an action button for each page with the "gear" icon with all the old actions accessed from the resulting popup menu.
  • The Image Manager & File manager in the pages area has a new look and feel.
  • When you click on a checkbox selection for orders now reveals "Print options" in a new menu bar for easier access.
  • Orders now have a better date selection for filtering.
  • Selecting "Add a new Product" when viewing an empty category will now select the Category you were in by default.
  • Temando packing process. The packing method has changed to enable you to select a standard package size and add items to that package. The system then calculates a total weight by summing product weights and can get a freight quote based on the default package size and weight. Currently the default package sizes are the Australia Post standard packages, but these can be configured to specific needs.
  • The CMS has been substantially recoded and is now optimised for most tablets.


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