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SiteSuite releases freight fulfillment integration with Temando

by Chris Sutton | September 11, 2012

SiteSuite’s primary goal is to help our clients become more successful and improve the tools they have at their disposal. We are continually developing our SiteSuite CMS for better usability, more functionality etc, and historically we've normally kept clients updated on new releases through newsletters. Starting from this week's release, to enhance our communication process we've also created a product release blog where we'll provide details of our new functionality.

The big news in our latest release is the inclusion of third party freight provider Temando as a fully integrated part of SiteSuite CMS.

Who or what is Temando? In their own words……

“Deliveries from Just $3.85 + GST!

Temando has established itself as an industry leader, moving more freight than any other online system. Our unrivalled buying power has allowed us to secure exclusive discounts with over 200 carriers. These exclusive discounts enable us to provide our customers with unbeatable prices. Whether you send 1 parcel per year or 100,000 parcels per month, Temando has exciting options for you.

You may ask yourself, if Temando provides the information on who will ship my item the cheapest, why don't I call that carrier directly to make my booking? Well, to put simply, Temando's large volume of freight orders allows us to negotiate better rates than general off the shelf pricing - You will find yourself coming back again and again as our prices are unbeatable!”

And Temando isn’t just about discounted freight rates, your Temando order management tools enable you to consolidate items into different packages for each order, to set your preferred carriers, check for cheaper quotes and finally book a pickup direct from your order management section of SiteSuite.

When you customers are checking your products before they buy, if you choose the dynamic pricing option they will be able to get quotes for their shipping cost before they add to cart, or if you have fixed shipping costs then the quote option is hidden. These options can be a powerful tool to maximise your sales conversions.

Also included in this release are other order management tools:

  • If your payment gateway supports it, we display all the payment attempts made on that order, both failed and successful payments.
  • Order activity logs, if you or one of your team update any aspect of the order, or change a shipping booking, the activity is noted in the order activity log with the date, time and who made the change.
  • Messaging, you can now e-mail your customer directly from customer notifications tab.

If you would like more information on how Temando can help your business, please call (02) 8904 7500 or e-mail


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