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by Paul Davenport | April 23, 2010

So the new SiteSuite website has launched and with a new website comes a time of reflection and a sense of optimism to refocus after the roller coaster of the last 18 months. All this talk of superheroes on the website made me smile and think of just how many customers call me each day to ask for advice on how to improve their website, and more often than not the answer to their questions lie within the CMS itself, their own little superhero.

This week a client came to see me about her website. After three years of online sales her business has grown sufficiently amassing a series of stockists for her products throughout Australia and New Zealand, and she'd even expanded to the UK.

We sat and chatted for over an hour on the best solution for her new website on all things from new design techniques and social media to integrating AU and UK websites. By and large it was a normal meeting until I noticed that the client hadn't completed the Page Title fields of her website in the CMS. On closer inspection it occurred to me that my client not only hadn't used her SiteSuite tools to optimize her website but didn't even know that the tools were there. How had she come this far I thought?

I started to think how many more of our clients were not aware of what a powerful tool they had sitting beneath their business. Page titles, meta keywords and descriptions, header 1 tags and linking... as you read this do any of these things mean anything to you?

The answer was instantly clear; we provide a lot of information about our products, on our website, in our training sessions, in manuals and online help. But every client is different and reacts to information in different ways. As a company we need to ensure that we don’t just throw huge amounts of information at our clients and expect them to deal with it, we have to be aware of how our clients need the information to be presented to them. Websites, Help Manuals, Help Desks, Blogs, Newsletters and Social Media are all forms of communication and as we embark into the new information age we must take advantage of all forms communication to share our message.

My client has since revised her website and used her CMS to update content for search engines. We are now both anticipating what effect that this will have on her search ranking and how this will convert into sales. As her consultant, I am quite confident that with her new social media links, blog and newsletter system that the next three years promise to be quite fruitful. In many ways both my clients business and SiteSuite's are in a similar phase, both ready to launch a new website and both poised to take advantage of new techniques to evolve our businesses into a new era.

I for one am truly excited about SiteSuite's new website and our new direction in employing marketing personal to communicate juicy sales hints and tips with our clients. Whatever your preference for receiving information we will aim to bring it to you. So make sure you check back for regular blog posts, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter.

And with all that said, what about you? How are you communicating with your clients, how are you positioned to launch yourself into the new information age and promote your own business, do you have your own superheroes?


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