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Take the challenge for a more effective online presence - SiteChallenge

by Chris Sutton | September 21, 2012

Don’t know where to start to make your website more effective? Confused by all the jargon and hype?

At SiteSuite, we’re here to help you be successful, and to help you make the most of your website we’ve launched an exciting new online programme, SiteChallenge.

What is SiteChallenge? A simple, time effective, step by step online challenge to help make your website a successful tool for your business.

Our 12 week SiteChallenge programme will unlock some of the mysteries of search engine optimisation, help you understand your audience, how social media can work with your website, and how to use a variety of media on your website to communicate effectively.

This all takes place in a simple step by step programme; you get peer and expert support, daily tasks that generally take under an hour to complete and learn how to measure your results and monitor your progress.

12 weeks to a better performing website! Are you up to the challenge?

SiteChallenge isn’t limited to SiteSuite customers, it’s open to anyone who needs help to make their website successful.

We are offering a special to our customers though, the course is normally $550 (inc GST) for the 12 week course, and SiteSuite customers get a great rate of:

$440 (inc GST) for the daily, 12 week SiteChallenge programme.

All you need to do is call us now on (02) 8904 7500 and pre-register before October 1st. The course commences October 3rd and all of your login information will be supplied to you on October 1st.

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Co-founder and Managing Director of SiteSuite Australasia, Australian pioneers in web design and ecommerce since 1997. For more from Chris you can follow him on Google+ or Twitter, and for further professional musings and thoughts on his other passions in life,

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