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The Web is Killing Radio, Newspapers and TV

by Chris Sutton | May 20, 2010

Observations 20 May 2010

In my last post I talked about growing offshore competition in the web space and the need for businesses to be more involved on the web.

Reported today in a post on Techcrunch was a keynote address at Google I/O (Google's Largest Developer Event of the Year) which provided a graphic illustration of comparative media use growth and the impact the web is having on traditional media.

“From 2004 to 2009, stats from Forrester say that use of the web is up 117% in terms of how people spend their time in a day. That may not be too surprising, but what’s interesting is that all of the other major forms of media consumption are down or flat during the same period. Listening to the radio is down 18%, reading newspapers is down 17%, reading magazines is down 6%, and watching TV has seen 0% growth.”

These figures show what’s happening in the US, but the same trends are apparent everywhere.

The obvious conclusion is that if you’re focussing your marketing budget on traditional media and not using the web effectively, then you are limiting your potential market to an ever decreasing proportion of the population.

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