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Website Trends in 2010

by Chris Sutton | April 26, 2010

Website trends in 2010


Ah, predictions of the future, what a minefield that is for experts and consumers alike. I remember the certainty that “experts” in the 60s brought to announcements of such innovations as the flying car, personal jetpacks, household robots etc that they confidently predicted would be a part of everyday life by 2000….

So, while ever mindful that predicting trends is a pastime likely to lead to at least a degree of embarrassment, the following are what I think are going to be trends in business web use in the next 12 months.

More businesses will develop a website

The statistics here are remarkable, and quite consistent irrespective of the source, well over 40% of small businesses in Australia don’t have a website (Sensis Online Business report) , and yet more than 60% of discretionary purchases are researched online before an actual purchase is made. So even if you don’t sell online, having a website is no longer optional!


The next 12 months will see a growing trend to simplify website design and structure. There are two drivers for this trend, the vast amount of information on the internet can be overwhelming for users, and sites are being more frequently visited using mobile devices such as phones etc. Websites that quickly provide the information without too many diversions will get more visitors. (Entertainments sites would be an exception though)

The influence of Social Media

For grumpy old men like myself, there are some aspects of social media that don’t make much social sense, when you’ve grown up with actual conversation as the core of your social world, posting inane tweets about the minutiae of daily life just seems plain mad. But being in a technology based industry, you can’t deny the growing impact of various social media on business to customer communication. Whether this is a long term trend or not is probably open to debate, but can any of us afford to ignore it? I don’t think so!

No more “set and forget”

Having been in the web industry since it’s very early days, we’ve seen the change from very static sites in the early days, increasing functionality, interactive tools, social media etc. However, one constant has been the build and forget it policy of a great many businesses. But with the increasing number of websites online there is a need to be as competitive in this media as any other and sites that are actively updated will be more visible in search and encourage a much higher return visit level.

More Multi-media will be used

While video and image galleries are already widely used, these will become more important as part of keeping a site current, whether it’s photos of the business, videos of product use etc .


As I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve realised that the rate of change around websites has accelerated sharply in the couple of years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. To cover all likely trends would take a long long time, so it’s a topic we should revisit on a regular basis.

And one last thing, I’m still really really disappointed we don’t have robots to do the housework!

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Co-founder and Managing Director of SiteSuite Australasia, Australian pioneers in web design and ecommerce since 1997. For more from Chris you can follow him on Google+ or Twitter, and for further professional musings and thoughts on his other passions in life,

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