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The cost of being ordinary, the real cost of a bad website?

by | November 21, 2017


Realising the cost of your online presence.

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Google Maps Free Advertising

by Bryan Roberts | November 17, 2017
Google Maps Free Advertising

Google has recently opened up some space for posts on Google Maps.

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How to get ready for Amazon

by Bryan Roberts | November 8, 2017


Amazon is Coming

In some ways Amazon is akin to the Japanese trading houses of old or Keiretsu. These trading powerhouses diversified over time into numerous industry verticals, took a long term view of business ergo 30 years plus, and were squarely focused on revenue growth first and foremost rather than profitability.

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SSL Certificates And HTTPS: How They Help Secure Your Website And Maintain Its Google Rankings

by Spandas Lui | June 8, 2017
SSL Certificates And HTTPS: How They Help Secure Your Website And Maintain Its Google Rankings

Whether it’s a static page or a full-blown e-commerce site, a website is pretty much a prerequisite for most businesses these days. It’s an invaluable resource that lets you communicate with existing and would-be customers, which is why having a website that takes UX into consideration is so important.

But have you ever stopped to consider the security of your website? If you haven’t, you should. Companies with insecure websites risk losing business and being demoted in Google's search engine rankings.

Today, we’ll go through one of the most common ways websites can be secured: by using HTTPS.

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Four Questions You Should Ask Before Starting A UX Web Development Project

by Spandas Lui | May 2, 2017
Four Questions You Should Ask Before Starting A UX Web Development Project

If you’re looking to create a new website or redesign an existing one, it’s imperative that you consider UX in the web development process. Last week we went through the basics of UX, short for User eXperience, and why you can’t afford to ignore it when you’re embarking on a new web development project.

Whether you’re doing the project in-house or outsourcing it to a third-party developer, your design brief needs to factor in UX. 

We expand on four UX questions you should ask to help you get started on your UX web development journey.

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What Is UX And How Does It Play Into Web Development?

by Spandas Lui | April 12, 2017


UX is a term that has been thrown around a lot in recent years but many people would have trouble describing what it is.

UX stands for user experience and generally referrs to everything that affects a user's experience with a product - it's the difference between a customer purchasing your product and abandoning their cart during a transaction.

UX plays an important role in web design because so many modern businesses connect with their customers and potential clients through their websites and apps. But UX in web development isn't just about having a beautiful website or web app with newfangled web functionalities.

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Email Server Change

by SiteSuite | May 12, 2016


We've decided to progressively move our services over to locally based Amazon Web Services (AWS) over the coming three months.

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SiteSuite and eWAY

by SiteSuite | February 19, 2016


Getting paid should be quick and easy. When choosing a payment gateway provider there are many to choose from but not all gateways are born equal. Here at SiteSuite we’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing a payment gateway by partnering with eWAY, who are the best in the business.

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The benefits of Web Apps for marketing

by Chris Sutton | September 22, 2015


In our last couple of SiteSuite newsletters we’ve been talking about the versatility of web apps (web applications) for any business. With the advances in technology in the last couple of years, these apps can now provide an enriched and interactive environment that can be used on any modern smartphone. Not only can they be used effectively for productivity gains but are powerful marketing tools as well, providing business opportunities not possible in the past.

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Web Apps for improved productivity and cost savings

by Chris Sutton | August 3, 2015
Web Apps for improved productivity and cost savings

When we think about web apps, we often just think about them as online sales and marketing tools, but they are much more than that. Web apps can be effective business tools that can provide significant gains in productivity and cost savings.

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