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Need some marketing inspiration?

by Chris Sutton | October 1, 2013
Need some marketing inspiration?

You know that feeling when you sit down to write some new website content, a blog or a new brochure, and you’re struck down with white page syndrome? You know the one, when you are suddenly devoid of ideas and nothing’s happening despite a looming deadline...

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Google+ Local Pages: How to Attract & Engage With Local Customers

by Tim Rimington | October 9, 2012


If attracting local customers is important to your business, you need to consider setting up a Google+ Local Page. A recent report stated that more than 4 in 10 Google search queries are local which is why our blog today is important reading.

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Trouble Getting Your Head Around Social Media? Take a Closer Look at Email Marketing

by Tim Rimington | August 28, 2012


More online marketers are turning their attention back to email marketing as a reliable means of driving traffic to their website. Social media gets most of the attention but email campaigns never really left the radar, they just fell "out of vogue". Here are 5 ways to get your email campaigns back on track again.

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Build a productive pre-launch website ‘holding’ page

by Tim Rimington | July 20, 2012


A pre-launch website holding page often displays an "Under contruction" style message but holding pages can, and should, serve a more useful purpose. When you consider that a website build can take anywhere from 4-16 weeks (in some instances even longer) depending on the complexity of work, that’s opportunity to put your holding page to good use! A holding page can become an integral part of a pre-launch promotion campaign.

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Get to know Pinterest, the Visual Social Networking Channel

by Tim Rimington | July 17, 2012


Pinterest is a whole new world of social sharing of ideas, and it’s rapidly growing. According to comScore it has had average growth of 52% from January to February 2012, and already boasts 17.8 million users!

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Building a Facebook Page for Your Business or Organisation

by Tim Rimington | July 16, 2012


Estimates report that more than 11 million Australian users are registered on Facebook, which represents close to 65% of all online users in Australia. Buried amongst those stats are potential customers, so it makes good sense to address that audience by creating a Facebook page for your business or organisation.

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Use Online Forums to Establish Yourself as an Industry Authority

by Tim Rimington | July 12, 2012


Are you an expert in your field who shares their experience and knowledge with the online world? If not, you're missing out on a golden opportunity for inbound links and in establishing credibility.

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Marketing Plans in the Digital Age – A workshop course to help your business

by Chris Sutton | June 28, 2012


For many of us in the small business space we simply get started on the basis of a good idea, the need to do our own thing, or by accident when a hobby or interest goes well and expands into a business.

While there is normally always a wealth of life experience supporting a small business, the level of formal training or experience is often narrow rather than wide in scope. Against this backdrop, marketing activities can often be “hit and miss” or see long term goals surrendered at the first short term “stumbling block”.

While we all seem to be “time poor” these days, one of the activities we have been expanding at SiteSuite is the sharing of information and skills within our small business client community.

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5 Ways to Make Your Website Grow

by Tim Rimington | June 12, 2012


Content marketers are now being forced to rely more on generating quality page content than ever before. As important as inbound links are, they’re now likely to have less impact if the pages they link to feature low quality content. Here’s are 5 ways to avoid Google’s latest penalties:

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Empty product pages could be the reason why your customers do an about face and leave

by Tim Rimington | May 17, 2012


I spoke to a customer yesterday who asked what she could be doing to improve her website’s position on Google, and how she could lift sales. Her online shop is a recognisable brand and the site’s design crisp and sharp. So what’s wrong?

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How to Create an Effective Google AdWords Campaign

by Tim Rimington | April 3, 2012


Useful pay per click campaigns should be viewed as a useful addition to a current, organic campaign rather than something that stands on its own with no support. In other words, relying solely on pay per click campaigns to drive traffic to your website has the ability to siphon your marketing budget in quick time!

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You need new customers and you need them now!

by Tim Rimington | March 7, 2012


This "Internet thing" is still as much of a mystery to you as ever – you hear about its potential to drive NEW customers to your online shop but you're not sure how to go about it. Those few occasions when you dropped a grand here and there on some form of marketing did little to bolster your bottom line. So then, what's the next step? You already have customers but you need new ones and you need them now!

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How to overcome the bad rap of email newsletter marketing

by Tim Rimington | January 31, 2012


Let me begin with a simple question: Do your customers look out for your newsletters or do they flush them away as an annoyance? 

Not long ago, email marketing held poll position as the preferred method of connecting with customers online. Companies would invest time building their contact databases, and direct campaign to those contact lists, bestowing upon each lucky recipient a wealth of information, offers and all-round good advice. Once upon a time, email recipients were indeed a lucky bunch.

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Getting started with product reviews

by Chris Sutton | January 30, 2012


In a recent blog we talked about how you can encourage users to leave product reviews. Quite often though, when you first enable product reviews in your online store, customers see there are none and can be reluctant to contribute. So how do you get the ball rolling wiith product reviews on your site?

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eCommerce is just as relevant to service-orientated business as it is to online retailers

by Tim Rimington | January 20, 2012


Restaurants, clubs, consultancy firms - they all have an opportunity to take full advantage of the public interest swell in eCommerce. Knowledge can be sold online, just ask any wine enthusiast who subscribes to wine blog websites and periodical eNewsletters. Even accountancy firms have an opportunity. The question is, will those businesses begin to think outside the box or will they continue to ignore the growing demand for buying information online?

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